“Always do more than is required of you.”

George S. Patton

Walley’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a professional HVAC company and the future in heating and air-conditioning services in New Hampshire. We believe that every homeowner, builder, contractor, property manager, and small business owner deserves more value for their dollar when it comes to HVAC services. For you, that means no more overpaying for sub quality work, equipment, or customer service. For us that means warm-hearted, good-old-fashioned, honest business.

A New & Different Type of HVAC Company

When you choose Walley’s as your HVAC professional, you can feel the difference right away! Our dedicated staff, incredible deals, and superior quality will make you wonder why you ever overpaid with those “other guys!”

That’s why Walley’s Heating & Air Conditioning is daring you to compare value (quality, cost, and customer satisfaction) before making any large investment in your HVAC systems! Match our value with any professional contracting company in the local market and you will see why everyone in southern New Hampshire is “buzzing” about Walley’s Heating & Air Conditioning.


Your time is valuable. So our team is focused on getting the job done correctly and completely within a timely manner. From start to finish we work calm, cool, and composed. We follow routine procedures to ensure efficient work speed and controlled time management. This benefit can save you a lot of time and the stress commonly associated with most in-home projects.


At Walley’s Heating & Air Conditioning we have zero tolerance for client frustration. And nothing is more frustrating than hiring a service company to do work in your home only to find a big mess left behind after they leave! With our “No Mess Left Behind Policy” you can be sure that our team is committed to professionalism and cleanliness for every client we serve. We leave a jobsite clean, neat, and without a trace.


To better support the needs of our clients, our team is developing more efficient methods of installing and servicing your heating and cooling equipment. The term “Standard Service” does not exist within our organization and we are always looking for new ways to keep your system running at peak performance and off your “To Do List.”


Who couldn’t use a little extra saving money? Our point exactly! That’s why we are always creating new solutions to help more people afford the highest efficiency equipment on the market. That way you can significantly cut your monthly fuel costs and start saving money for better things. Go Green and start saving today!
At Walley’s Heating & Air Conditioning we stand by our work and our clients. We make every possible effort to be the company you can trust for professional HVAC services and showroom quality installations. We are licensed, fully insured, trained, and equipped to perform any and all residential and light commercial HVAC related services and installations. We are a family owned and operated business and our team is committed to staying current with new technologies and industry advancements, helping you stay up-to-date and well-informed.

Our work is done up to local codes and accepted by industry associations nationwide. We believe in completing our work correctly the first time and within a timely manner. We pledge our 100% respect to you and your personal property. We promise to always be professional, well-mannered, and friendly to all clients and it is our mission to educate our clients with smart, efficient, and cutting-edge equipment.

It is our promise to be there when you need us. It is our guarantee to stand by our work. It is our commitment to provide you with the best possible solution for your project. It is our pleasure to offer only the best equipment on the market. And if you are not totally satisfied with your new system, we will work with you to resolve the conflict. If we cannot correct the problem to your standards, then we will gladly refund your money 100%.

These are the core values that our company founder has instilled within our very soul. We are proud to uphold these honorable intentions for each and every person seeking a better alternative.